Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I know

I found this video on ...

It made we want to write my own statements along the same lines.  
I'm not intending to judge people or systems, or to persuade or lecture ...  just expressing some personal thoughts of the moment ...

I don't know much, but I know I'm constantly learning.

I don't know why many children aren't given the respect, freedom and resources to show their real passions and potential, or why some adults expect so little of children.  I know many children have talents they never get the chance to discover, and I know children are complete, complex people.

I don't know why the weaknesses of educational institutions are blamed on lack of funding.  I do know real learning is more limited by attitude and creativity than budget.

I don't know why some lovely kids have no friends, and some mean kids have a crowd of followers, but I know my kids are best friends forever.

I don't know why bullying is tolerated and not swiftly dealt with, but I know my kids won't grow up accepting it as normal.

I don't know why ineffective teachers aren't retrained, disciplined or removed from school systems.  I know people whose education was set back by a bad school year.

I don't know why kids should sit through subjects they understood years earlier, when they could be learning something new in a library, science lab or a mentor's kitchen or garage.

I DO know we have a lot of fun with handwriting ... we write with chalk, textas, a keyboard, etch-a-sketch, bath crayons, coloured pens, pattern pegs, glitter glue, whiteboard markers, sand, string, playdough and paint.

I know every other subject is likewise a kaleidoscope of possibilities waiting to be explored!!

I don't know much ... but I DO know ...
-  the joy of starting our 'school' days early and finishing by morning tea time
-  books are best shared whilst snuggled up on the lounge
-  maths mastery doesn't need to be proven with a written test
-  when children are trusted they often prove to be trustworthy
-  children are born wanting to learn
-  my kids know they are cherished
-  some days are better spent at the beach!

I know it's hard to go and do the housework when I'd rather play with my kids.

I know when I'm busy around the house, my kids amuse themselves quite creatively (and messily and noisily!) and it's not 'wasted' time.

I'm glad we sometimes cook pancakes for second breakfast, and we have fun making fresh food for morning tea and lunch.

I love home education and being able to share diverse experiences with my children.

I love living and learning seasonally, tidally, naturally.

I know I'm not perfect.

I know my children.  The good, the difficult and the adorable!


  1. Hi Butterfly,

    Thanks very much for the information and links you've provided on my blog, they've been very helpful.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog and loved this post in particular, it's beautiful.

    Take care,



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