Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homegrown tap dancing

Mr 5 is doing tap dancing DIY style ...  here's how:

1.  Take one boy who loves to jump and jive, inspired by dance styles like tap and rap.

2.  Buy a pair of groovy $10 shoes from Best and Less.

3.  Use a hot glue gun to attach plastic coins under each shoe.

4.  Put shoes on feet.  Watch as child falls over straight away (oops!)  Wait patiently until he's ready to try again, holding a bench for stability until he finds his feet.

5.  Voila!  A tap pup is born!

Mr 5 loves his new tap shoes, and put on a great show this morning!  I was surprised how good the sound is, and best of all the floor (timber laminate) won't be scratched (I hope).

Maybe soon I'll find some old movies with tap dancing, suitable for kids.  
Any tips?


  1. Well done E :) You can find some clips of things like Singing in the Rain on Youtube if that helps!

  2. Now you just have to work out how to upload a video!! :) Love your blog, and love the way you've found a free, homestyle way to meet one of his interests, without having to pay for classes or find the time to go! Very "unschooly" Vanessa! :) Mr 5, an autodidact at age...5

  3. You are such a cool mom. Wouldn't ever occur to me to do something like that :-)

  4. Thanks everyone! He's found his balance now and it's just like drumming with his feet, so we're on Happy Street! I'm thrilled to hear "Happy Feet 2" is in the making. We saw a clip on TV the other night. It'd be so cool to take him to watch it being filmed.

    If Mr 5 had his way he'd also be an autodidact about riding motorbikes, so I'm not there yet.

    I'm now looking at a homestyle way to satisfy Miss 4's desire for preschool ... we already use lots of paint and playdough, but it will probably need to involve mud, baby chicks and friends to tick all the boxes she's got in mind!


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