Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Precious moments

Here are some of the highlights of our last fortnight:

•  There were many visits to local swimming pools!!  We're getting in lots of swimming while the weather is warm and the kids are keen.

•  Mum met us for a visit to a local art gallery.  Elijah is shown next to his favourite art work.  Then we went to Jaycar and bought lots of electronics kits and transport project kits ... for not much money at all.

•  Many hours of electronics and boat building projects followed as we enjoyed our thrifty purchases.

•  We babysat some cousins for a day, and it was remarkable how well they all played together!  The boys built emergency vehicles with meccano, and the girls played a variety of games involving assorted kinds of dolls.  It was nice for my children to have older playmates.

•  Most days we watched an hour or so of Winter Olypmics together whilst eating lunch.

•  Jasmine had her first two violin lessons (I'm teaching her, in my learn-together-as-we-go way).  She's super keen and wants to move ahead at lightening speed.  She's picking things up quickly, but I just hope she has the patience to practice the basics occasionally.

•  Elijah had his soccer muster day, so now he has met his team mates and coach.  We haven't needed to buy any gear either, with people offering us everything at just the right moments!  I hope Elijah does as well in his boots as his cousin did!!

•  My kids are always pretty musical - they've done a lot of guitar playing, composing, improvising, singing, a bit of drumming, and electronic keyboard playing.  It's been a noisy week, but I love hearing them pouring their hearts into music, and some of the spontaneous lyrics are very funny.

•  Pete came with us to the local Home Educators Swimming Carnival.  Jasmine went in some races, including a noodle race and a boogie board relay.  Elijah didn't want to join in, but played in the wading pool all day.  It was nice to relax amongst friends for the day.

•  I'm not sure when we finished reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, by Roald Dahl.  Our new read-together is James and the Giant Peach.  I'm sneaking in another book with just Elijah, when we can grab a moment alone, Fantastic Mr Fox, also by Dahl.  We're also enjoying picture books and lots of Bible stories.

•  Bike riding, lessons, videos, music, dancing, playing, cooking, housework, shopping ... all the usual things happened too.  Oh, and lots of painting, straw-craft and plasticine modeling.

Life is a lovely blur!


  1. It doesn't get much better than that does it?! Busy but fun!

  2. Sounds like a great week.

    I am teaching Jemimah, my 8yo the recorder, but she is desperate to play the violin. I'm afraid though that for us that will require a music teacher and lessons...


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