Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Heart of a Homeschool Mum

The Heart of a Homeschool Mum
by Vanessa Preston

Do I expect too much
Or not enough?
Am I being too gentle
Or being too tough?

Are we too lazy
Or just loving life?
Will what we let slide today
Tomorrow cause strife?

Should we read all the books
Stacked on the shelves?
At the risk of missing lessons
Learned by living life itself?

Too many choices
Too much at stake
Our children could pay
For my every mistake

So many doubts
So many fears
So many smiles
So many tears

When will my worry cease?
When will I be at peace?
When will I know they know enough?
Of what really matters
without all the fluff

We treasure the moments
Yet time goes so fast
And soon the present becomes the past

Tomorrow is another day
Many possible paths
No one right way

As long as we proceed in love
Seek direction from above
Maybe then, it is enough 
To be content with good enough

We'll live our lives in faith and light 
Enjoy each day and what it brings
Look forward to the future bright
And hear the dreams each sweet heart sings