Sunday, January 23, 2011

If the shoe fits ...

These, we shall call Wammy Shoes, aren't they fun and frivolous!?
Jasmine made them all by herself, and they match her recent 'fairy' phase just beautifully!

Wammy is a wonderful construction set, which I hadn't heard of until Jasmine received a box as a gift.  It is so versatile and fun to use, and I find making a Wammy ball quite satisfying too!


These are the shoes Jasmine will be wearing in a couple of weeks.  No prizes for guessing where she'll wear them!  She's incredibly excited about venturing out in them.

I'm keeping Jasi's home ed. things handy as usual, for her to use after school, and so that she knows her place here is ready when she is.  If she comes back to home schooling after a term, we'll consider Kindergarten her first excursion, adventure or 'subject' for the year.  Jasmine will probably enjoy all the routines, crafts, and pleasing the teacher.  I'm glad she is self-motivated and choosing to step out of her comfort zone.  She is a study in contrasts, easily switching between confidence and clinginess, competence and neediness.  

It will be interesting to see how things unfold this year!  I'm nervous about how Jasi will manage her physical sensitivities and fussiness, which in familiar company can lead to meltdowns.  I have to trust the Lord to guide us in supporting her, trust the staff to treat her with care, and trust Jasmine to handle the challenges she faces.


Elijah is happy with the plan, aside from the early morning walks to take Jasmine to school.  I'll write about our adjusted home ed. plans another day.  He says "If she goes to school I'll be able to continue my research without Jasmine's constant interruptions."  Yikes, not at all self centred!  He told my mum that he and I will be able to go out to restaurants for lunch, because he likes seafood and Jasmine isn't so adventurous with food.  Hmmm, perhaps a sushi cafe, Sunshine!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Infinity Elephants

Sue often shares links to exciting mathematical wonders on her blog, Math Mama Writes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brain food!

I am so excited about the posters I just printed from this website:

Now the kids may not be ready for all of them this year, but I am!!
Does anyone else LOVE this kind of thing?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Healed at camp

We're back from Christmas camp, which was amazing!  It always is, but this time I was doubly blessed.

It seems like ancient history now, but if I think hard I can remember the debilitating exhaustion, crazy hormones, roller-coaster moods and food intolerances.  If I ate bread (or anything containing much gluten) I needed a sleep to recover.  If I had more than a hint of any dairy product, I had awful pains and felt very unwell.  It was very real.

Going to a fully catered camp, I had a choice ... do I put those food intolerances on the form (there was provision for this, and others wisely did so), or do I hand it over to the Lord?

I decided to trust the Lord to provide whatever I needed.  Partly because I didn't want to 'own' this disease, and be owned by it, spending all my time worrying about what I should or shouldn't eat yet still expecting to feel tired, moody and sick.  Mostly, because I wanted God to have the glory, rather than draw attention to my needs.  The worst case scenario would be I'd feel sick, and would ask the other campers (all Spirit-filled Christians) to pray for me.  A win-win situation.  Perhaps I was too tired from being unwell for so long, that I didn't waste my energy worrying about "what if".

So, I ate the meals provided.  Cheesy lasagne, daily bacon and eggs on toast, salad wraps, pudding and icecream, potato bake, apple strudel, pancakes, chocolate.  Yum!  And not once did I feel sick!!  I had abundant energy and was able to just get on with all there was to do.  Prayer meetings, kids activities, concert nights, board games, beach afternoons, tennis, morning meetings (we studied Hebrews 6), just chatting, sharing our time and testimonies.  It was a relaxing, refreshing week.

I must admit, camp was easier once I stopped trying to get the kids to sleep at a reasonable hour ... that's hard enough even at home.  Hour long audio books and peaceful music just couldn't compete with their excitement, the distraction of hearing kids scootering past, and their determination not to miss anything.  The last few nights of camp the kids stayed awake until 11 or 12pm, playing cards or jumping on the trampoline.  A few power-naps in the car (on short trips to the shop or a good fishing spot) helped restore their (and therefore, our) sanity!

My health started to improve the week before Christmas, about the time I handed the problem over the the Lord and decided to go with the flow.  I can't imagine how I would have managed to enjoy the family gatherings and prepare for camp otherwise (even with Pete's help ... and he is amazingly helpful!)  Since returning home I have continued to feel fine, only feeling the way anyone would after eating too much (we had family gatherings this week involving pizza one day, hamburgers and chips the next ... and those hot, crunchy chips were way too good!)  I still prefer fruit, stir fries, rice and water, but it's terrific to be free to choose them.

Whether my healing is complete, or was a temporary reprieve to allow us to enjoy a special time of fellowship and family, I don't know.  I am just so thankful, and glad to be able to share this testimony of how good God is.  At our Revival Fellowship meetings, there are opportunities for people to share testimonies, about salvation, or of God working in our lives.  At the end of camp when I shared this testimony, the cook (a good friend) said "Ah, so that's why you looked warily at the food I was serving!"

Life back home is crazier than ever.  Pete has done at least 10 loads of washing since camp!  We've assembled a trampoline, basketball hoop and lots of Lego kits.  Elijah's been sick but seems better today.  Jasi's had her share of dramas too, she's a delight but very challenging!  We may be going away again this week.  As for home ed., there are still decisions to be made and plans to tweak.  I don't know what the year will look like yet, but I'm excited about the possibilities.

Can you tell I'm thrilled to have abundant energy again?!?  Praise the Lord!