Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a week!

A lot happens in a week!  We cruised back into 'school' a week ago.  Funny to say that though, as it's been such a fun week, punctuated by so many 'extras'.

We played the 'we're at school' game for an hour (the kids like the routine in short bursts ... lucky dip scripture, prayer, daily sentence, brain teasers, phonics review, rhyming word card game, traced laminated cards for handwriting, wrote (dictated to me then traced) in new journals and did spelling with magnetic letters).  It sounds like a lot but only took an hour.

After a break we got into Matchbox Maths - collected all the matchbox cars, sorted them by colour (there was vigorous debate over the nuances of yellow, gold, orange), coloured a column graph, interpreted results, and spoke about other ways the cars could be grouped.  The kids decided on work vehicles, sports cars and family cars, then continued while I went to make lunch.  After lunch, we relaxed with lots of non-fiction reading together (Medieval History, Ancient Egypt, anatomy).  The kids also watched their 'Moses Egypt's Great Prince' DVD ... this sparked a few days of intense role play, involving Kings, Pharoah, babies and Knights!!

A quick combined maths and handwriting exercise at the breakfast bar, then we met friends at a play cafe.  Hours of bouncing, sliding, climbing, squealing and playing.  Scenic drive around the lake and beaches (I wanted Jasmine to have a power-nap, but she didn't) followed by swimming lessons.  Jasmine gave it her all, but let's just Elijah didn't show his best colours today!!  The irony is he wouldn't do it because people were watching, but his tantrums drew much more attention than quiet compliance would have.  On a brighter note, they've been playing 'Posties' for ages, so we made a bright red letter box after dinner.

There was mail for the kids to read (from me).  Elijah wrote a letter to Uncle Joe (dictated then traced in Artline pen).  They both made many pretend letters (with real names on the envelopes) and played 'Postie' for hours.  Nanna (my mum) came to visit at lunch time and spent the afternoon helping me cut out maths games I'd laminated.  The kids road-tested a few of them.  Then they did a show for us with lots of dancing and singing and silliness.

Freestyle Friday
After a tired, slow morning we went to our friend's house for lunch.  I felt really vague, but the kids had a great, long play with their friend (playdough, dolls house, mums and dad, trampoline) and stayed to greet Miss M. when she came home from Kindergarten.  We brought home fresh fish (speared by our friend that day ... Elijah loved seeing the spear gun and the fish in the tub).  Dinner was easy and delicious!

Saturday and Sunday
I shopped for craft suuplies.  Pete took the kids to the pool while I did more preparation for the FBI (Fun Brain Institute), ready for our first day (on Tuesday).  I taught Sunday School, which was fun and relaxed.  We went to Mum's place for dinner for her Birthday.

We enjoyed the return of the ABC schools TV shows.  There was a great show called Designers, about inventing new icecream flavours.  We did the marshmallow science experiment, which I've already written about (out of order, I was so excited).  My kids also love BTN (which I watch with them, Music Moves and the "high school" science shows.  The Winter Olympics are nice to flick on once in a while just now, pretty exciting and inspiring.  I spent parts of the day sorting out my games and my brain, for ...

We had our first meeting of the FBI (which my next post will be about).  It was awesome!!!

And here are MORE highlights from various days ...

*  The kids had turns doing 'Reading Eggs', a learn to read program on the computer.
*  They played with plasticine for hours, making funny faces on paper plates, and little cups and pots.
*  We read assorted Bible stories, as requested by them.
*  Jasmine read a few easy-readers to her Nanna.
*  We borrowed and read some books towards the Premiers' Reading Challenge (Jasi is doing it too).  
*  We read a few more chapters of 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator', which we're all loving.
*  Jigsaw puzzles have been popular again.  
*  My kids are also experts at making a BIG mess - they have excelled in it this week!!



  1. Sounds like a fun week! I can't picture sweet Elijah throwing a tantrum though :)

  2. Yeah, but you thought Jasi was quiet too!
    Everyone who was there believes it : )
    But I'm THRILLED to say this week was much better!!

    After encouragement, coaxing, coaching, consequences and bribery, Elijah joined in, was brave and happy at his lesson. AND he's feeling great about swimming AND he knows he can have a good attitude if he chooses to. Hooray little Aussie champion!


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