Monday, April 23, 2012

ANZAC Day books, pages and interactive sites

It will be ANZAC day on 25th April, and it's the first time we're really going into it much with the children.  These are the resources I chose to use with my 6 and 7 year old - of course check them first by yourself to make sure you think they're suitable.

Books:  I'll share these with the children a few times.  I won't write book reviews as I don't have time, and Jeanne does it so well anyway ... follow her link if you want to see book covers and read enticing details!

DD6 and DS7  -  "Why are they marching, Daddy?" by Di Burke
                         -  "What was the war like, Grandma?" by Rachel Tonkin
                         -  "My Grandad marches on Anzac Day" by Catriona Hoy

DS7 only - "A Day to remember" by Jackie French

For the last few weeks DS7 has also been reading a chapter book with his Dad, a fictionalised account of the whole life of Simpson's Donkey:  "Simpson's Donkey - A wartime journey to Gallipoli and beyond" by Peter Stanley.  This was his own choice, but so timely!

Interactive activities:
Flags of countries involved in WW1 and WW2, uniforms, Anzac puzzles & captions, women in war

Printable Pages:
Printable ANZAC vocab cards K-3

and I may use some materials from the following pages, but haven't previewed them yet:
Activities to accompany "My Grandad marches on Anzac Day"
Victorian education page
Early childhood resources
Australian War Memorial
Printables, these look good
Word searches, crosswords and more interactives/ printables on various Anzac themes
Scholastic wordsearch & activity

I saved this link for possible use in the future.

DS7 is going to a dawn service, but DD6 will only watch the later march on TV as she's very sensitive to noise.  We'll make Anzac Biscuits of course!  I've lost my recipe but hope the one I found online will be as soft and chewy as it claims.  I hope to get around to a timeline and mapping activity too ... and we're sharing family stories of course, the few that we know.