Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back!

Here's a little hello from me.  For a few months I needed to sleep more than write, but I'm feeling great again!  I just thought I'd warn you that I might get a little excited to be back into writing here again.  Here's why I was away.  I'll write about more interesting things and post photos another day :)

Fortunately ... I turned 30 something in May.  Umm, calculating ... 37.  I'm blessed with forgetfulness!! Easier to remember, Elijah turned 8 and Jasmine 7.  They delight me every day, and I'm so glad to have time to just savour their words, soft cheeks, cheeky giggles and sincere debates.  It's all a marvel.

Unfortunately ... at age 37 I felt like I'd passed my peak (sounds pathetic, but true) because I was always SO tired.  I got sick too, with a respiratory infection or virus that lasted most of two months.  It became hard to cook, clean, or even read aloud, and I was starting to think if we couldn't find the cause I might have to accept that a change of pace was God's plan for me (in hindsight, I guess it was, for a time).  I considered looking at back up plans for the kid's education.  Like s-s-school, with someone who might be awake and energetic.

Fortunately ... I had an 'ok' day here and there, enough to manage.  The kids were fine apart from sick of having a sick Mummy.  Pete was great (though exhausted from doing so much after work).  Even on bad days, I accepted that I had to rest, and stayed in bed and read the Bible, scribbled notes, let the kids play, slept and enjoyed the kids talking and reading to me.

Unfortunately ... for the second month, the kids had it too (no-one seems to know what IT was).  Then Pete.  The worst headaches, pains and coughs we can recall.  It was a nasty bug!!

Fortunately ... as I found out sometime in the midst of that, I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and anaemia, and now they're being treated I feel normal again, which is more than I hoped for.  Really, I was just praying to live.  Thank you Lord for allowing that!!  I've also cut out foods that make me feel sick (not much, just gluten, dairy, oats, coconut and a few minor things) and so I have energy again and I feel really well.

Please excuse my possible verbosity.
I'm just a tad glad to be back!