Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer fun ...

Here is a little insight into some of the fun we've had, so far this summer:

*  Mr 5, normally very cautious, discovered how much fun it is to jump into a deep pool (with floaties) again and again and again!  We do watch closely in case the floaties burst.

*  The kids and I all became hopelessly addicted to boogie boarding, and now want to learn to swim properly, so that they can have real surfboards.

*  Mr 5 asked me to take the training wheels off his bike, and hasn't looked back!

*  Our hanging-basket plants are now bearing fruit ... we've eaten several homegrown cherry tomatoes and a few strawberries.  Hooray!

*  The kids received Mum's old digital camera at Christmas, and have enjoyed learning how to use it.

*  We've had lots of days playing with friends ... family gatherings, pool parties, a home ed. picnic, friends playing here, a church kids fun day, many days at the beach and pool by ourselves and with assorted families ... fun fun fun!

*  Quiet games of Monopoly, Jenga, MasterMind, Snap, marbles, etc.

*  Lots of singing, dancing, crazy play and acting ... see the next post for a video link!

I'm sure there's been a lot more to report, but I can't remember right now.
We're still in holiday mode this week.  It's a good life!

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