Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comfort Zone

I have completely escaped and annihilated my comfort zone!

Just minutes ago I posted a message on our local homeschooling proboard inviting people to a group I have invented!  I CAN go a little overboard when I imagine possibilities.  But instead of a space age homeschoolers drop-in mega-centre (which i actually had a dream about), this is the Fun Brain Institute (I like the acronym).  Meeting for 3 hours once a fortnight in a local hall.  I ran it by a few friends at the park yesterday, who liked the idea, so I've put it up for comment.  Hope we get a few keen families to join us (The Mad Professor and her Apprentices).   It should be heaps of fun!

Shy?  Quiet?  Would like to be invisible?
Usually that's me, but there's another me who loves a creative outlet.  This is the ME that's only pretending to be grown up.  Life and learning are meant to be fun.  I'm excited!

I need some sleep, so I'll share more about this another time.

(thought it's about time to sign my name!)

P.S.  I am still sane.  This is just the 'fun' me showing through!  A bit giddy with the thrill of doing something dangerous (well not that spectacular, only telling a hundred people my idea).

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  1. The drop-in centre sounds cool too but probably a little extreme :) Love the FBI - good on you for getting out there. It's scary but fun!


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