Monday, July 5, 2010

Warning ...

Just a quick note.  Our computer may live a long and healthy life and I hope to get several more years out of it.  But the signs of impending illness it is displaying cause me to doubt it's remaining lifespan.

So if I drop off the net for a while, that will be why.  I don't have ready access to another machine and hadn't budgeted on buying a replacement until September at best.

Now that I've warned you, we'll probably cruise through winter with no more hassles!  I hope!!

:)  Vanessa


  1. They never seem to live as long as they should!

  2. Well, I hope it lasts until you can get a new one!

  3. Hi Vanessa
    You have been awarded Beautiful Blogger award! You can collect it here

    Thanks for sharing your homeschool journey in this blog, and I hope to read more as days roll by!

  4. Hi Kez and AAUM, we're still alive and kicking ... though the bug has mutated into human form and infected our family! Just kidding, but we have all had a nasty cough, aches and pains ... almost all better now.

    Thank you so much for the award, Subadra! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. I'll respond properly as soon as I can.

    :) Vanessa


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