Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home and Healthy

Finally, we're almost all better!! I'm the one dragging the line, but after a day in bed yesterday my cough has eased. My ribs feel broken but I'm so much better and SO glad to say that! Thanks for the well-wishes.  

While Jasmine was away, Elijah was content and happy to do his own thing. He was a different kid ... actually he was like the one year old we had just before Jasmine was born. Happy to play with lego for hours, sit around and read or watch movies. On Friday he was more restless and wanted me to do things with him a lot, but also kindly helped me with tidying up.  

And on Friday night we picked up Jasi, HOORAY!! She had a great time, and enjoyed telling us all about it. The Butterfly house and maze, Big Banana, movies, cafes, beach ... and she loved giving us little things she'd lovingly chosen and brought home for us, like some plastic butterflies she painted colourfully, one for each of us.  

Since Jasmine came home it's been one big play-a-thon for the two kids. They're SO happy to be back together. They're industrious, boisterous, messy, as noisy as baby elephants and practically oblivious to us grown-ups except when it suits them ... in other words we're back to normal life! And LOVING it!


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