Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Intense motherhood

A while ago this was shared on one of the blogs I read regularly (I'm sorry I've forgotten which one):

Motherhood photo essay

I love playing with words but I'm glad someone else has expressed in pictures, music and words what is so hard to articulate ... fierce, selfless love for our children.

I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Butterfluy dear, I found your Comments on mumofagiftedgirl’s Blog. For me, internet is the only source of information about homeschooling and education of the gifted child. Here in Italy there are very few families homeschoolers, and gifted children are ignored if not isolated. My daughter in the blog name Superbimba (= Supergirl) is not as bright as the daughter of mumofadaughtergirl, but she read-write-count ... etc. .. at 3.8 yo. I see every day my daughter nervous boredom and I'm trying to improvise a curriculum. I have another daughter 1yo, when I can not commit Superbimba, she become increasingly bored and irritable. Superbimba very little sleep, the day for her is 16 hours long continued: I do not know what to do , I would be grateful if you had advice for me. The urgency of a differentiated curriculum in Italy is not taken into account. The Italian school system teach to read and count to 20 between 6 and 7 years (first grade). What do we do until then? Only play with dolls?

  2. Welcome, una mamma! It's nice to meet you.

    I'm thinking about your situation and will email you or write a blog post with ideas soon. There is a lot you can do to nurture your daughter's interests for now, it can be much broader than school subjects. Don't worry about what's normal for her age, but do what you know she's ready for ... as her mum you know her best.

    I have a few questions, as I haven't made much progress reading your blog in Italian. Is home ed. legal in Italy, and do you have much freedom in how you go about it? What is your registration process and the age when you register? Are gifted children sometimes permitted to skip a grade at school in Italy, or only when they're older? Does your daughter read or speak any English? This could be another area for stimulation.

    In Australia (where I live) and America, there are many acceptable methods of home schooling, so it's possible to tailor education to the needs of our own children. You may need to do Google searches in English if there aren't many references in Italian. We have family commitments this weekend, but as soon as I can I will share my favourite website links about home ed, gifted children and free educational resources and curriculum, which will hopefully be helpful.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hello Vanessa,
    How wonderful to see this post here. This video was so BEAUTIFUL to watch. Thanks for sharing.


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