Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Aussie Adventurers

We were going to have a coastal holiday on the weekend, but hadn't booked in advance ... so we were free to change our minds and went camping in the mountains instead.  We went to a place called Frying Pan Creek, which is on the southern side of Barrington Tops.

Making a camp fire
(or a smoke signal, which is about all we managed with wet wood)

Swimming in the icy cold river
(the kids had wetsuits, but poor daddy didn't!)

We didn't see any snakes, but we saw what I'm pretty sure were funnel-web spider holes.  I removed a leech from one of our bags, but thankfully bugs were few and stayed away from us.  Our car came home proudly sporting a thick coat of red dust ... the true sign of a fun weekend!  

I won't whinge about the dirty, bug-breeding pit toilets, other people's dogs, roadblocks or an overexcited girl who couldn't get to sleep.  They were insignificant compared to the joy of being in the bush, with my favourite people, exploring new places and having fun together.

A warm shower and leisurely swim at a heated pool on the way home was a nice, clean end to our holiday.


  1. Found your blog from Michelle's this morning. Your camping trip looks like it was wonderful! Sigh. I wish we had a swimming hole around here...

  2. Sigh...I am craving the outdoors badly, lol! Those photos are fantastic! I just booked our first camping trip of the year - August but can already smell the campfire :-)


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