Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Backyard signs

Like many children, my son is enthralled by excavators, backhoes, cranes and other work vehicles.  Worksites, heavy vehicle yards, construction vehicle shops ... he would look, explore and talk for hours!

As he plays for hours in the gravel in our backyard, a sit-on excavator (not shown but gleefully received) was the perfect toy.  Well, the best would have been a REAL mini-backhoe, but we have neither the budget nor the space for one of those (and perhaps he's just a little to young).

To add to the fun and make the mess construction zone look more intentional, I decided to make him a few wooden signs.  We gave him a few for Christmas, but have only just finished mounting them (it doesn't matter, Elijah loved helping his dad with the drilling and cementing).

The signs are each set in an icecream tub of cement, so they don't fall over, but the children can move them to suit their purpose.  One is a blank canvas of chalkboard paint ... so far it has displayed 'bus stop', 'one way' with an arrow, 'fun this way' and 'work vehicles only'.  Jumbo chalk completes the picture, for drawing roads and zebra crossings all over the pavers.

More home-made, open-ended fun!

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