Sunday, August 4, 2013

Everything to do with dough and goo!

My toddlers loved playdough.  We had two types ... homemade and bought.  We also baked bread, mostly in the name of edible art, and used air-drying clay, Fimo and plasticine.  That was a lifetime ago, before our world exploded with ideas on blogs and facebook and pinterest (a lot has changed in 5 years!)

My children may not be toddlers anymore but we love to play (and share the experience with young friends ... who may just decide to bathe in oobleck ... luckily they were outside and the baby was asleep!)  We have thoroughly enjoyed finding recipes for many types of dough and goo ... enjoy!

Let's get messy!
Here are some types of dough and goo we have made or will make:

Oobleck ... Seuss Oobleck is a fun version!
Kool-Aid microwave dough (what's the Aussie version of Kool-Aid?)

Want more?  
On THIS blog you'll find out how to make an ivory soap explosion & homemade bouncing balls.
Here is a HUGE collection of incredible ideas like icecream dough, cake dough, DIY foam, rainbow slime, silly sludge, black cloud dough, moon sand, soap fluff, borax-free Gak and sidewalk goo paint.

When you've exhausted all the options for slime, goo and dough, it would be fun to revisit the original, home-made playdough which can be used with all kinds of other materials for colourful, sweet-smelling creative play.

We accidentally bought something like this at a Sensory shop, and I would NOT recommend it ... the children loved it of course!  (it was incredibly hard to clean up ... sprinkling generously with salt helped a little)

Who needs a reason to delight in dough and goo?!  But if you must have an excuse to explore goo with 8-9 year olds, consider:  fine motor skills, chemistry, physics, measurement, vocabulary, inspiration for writing and pure FUN!


  1. Cool :) Lots of great links there! Oobleck is such fun - I certainly enjoy it :)

  2. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You can get powdered cordial sometimes (lemon and orange flavoured) in the grocery shop and you can also buy sports drinks (Powerade etc) in powdered form - that would be the closest to Kool Aid here

    1. Thank you! I'm sure playing with cordial powder beats drinking it :)

  4. I found the powdered cordial - it's called Vitafresh and you can get it at Woolies


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