Sunday, August 11, 2013

A hundred books for a hundred dollars!

We always look forward to the local University used book sale.  This year we went twice.  Here is what we came home with (so far ... it continues all week):

First we took our children and their friend.  They spent an hour searching the children's book tables while I was at the teacher resources table next to them.  We each found a bag full of books, and still had change to use in the other resources room (treasures found there included some springy chains for my gadget boy, maps, CDs and posters).  None of the children exceeded their $5 budget ... though I would have let them!  My husband found a few reference books which he will enjoy reading.

After a quick break at home I went back alone.  Again I gravitated towards the children's books, and added five more bulging shopping bags to the morning's purchases.

At the last minute I found some fiction (not shown) and other inspiring books for myself.

Here's a clearer view of some of our purchases:

Stories I have seen in the Sonlight catalogue or other booklists.  I would probably have them bought online ... today they cost 20 to 50 cents each.

A packet of terrific posters relevant to our current interests (solar system, times tables, Bible times, world map, human body) and ancient world maps of what people thought the world looked like.

A stack of books by Cynthia Voigt, one of my favourite authors as a teen.

Books which will be useful once in a while ... including a huge new book of poems for our Poetry Teatimes!

How Things Work, World History books and Did You Know ... books which have Elijah telling us interesting facts day and night (he's always like that, these are just extra ammunition)

A terrific joke book which Jasmine read to us last night ... the jokes were actually funny.

I also bought 4 books in the Think-Matics series, a Star Wars picture book, Far Side calendar (one day we'll have fun making up our own captions for the pictures), 3 CDs, a Roman Times activity book and Solar System activity book, and a two volume big-book children's medical encyclopaedia.  I am impressed with the quality ... many of these books are in excellent condition, and the ex-library ones are pretty clean and undamaged with only a few signs of age.

Can anyone guess what we'll be doing for the rest of today (aside from buying a new bookshelf and finding a place for it)?


  1. cool! The Silver Sword- was one of my favourite books as a child- loved it :)
    You did well - I can't go- too many books here already lol
    Smiles Mishell :)

  2. Glad to know that Mishell, as I haven't read it yet. I bought an extra bookshelf this afternoon and we did find a place for it ... it's been a lot of fun sorting books into new homes and choosing some of the excess picture books to sell and give away.

  3. Wow! That book sale looks a lot better than our annual lifeline book sale here! Maybe I should make the trek up north for the next one..... So happy for you with all those great books at such bargain prices!

  4. Oh my! I WISH we had library sales like that! How wonderful. LOL about needing an extra bookshelf!


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