Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book Club fun!

A favourite game at our place is 'libraries' ... the children set up a borrowing desk, library cards and book displays.  After buying over a hundred new books yesterday, I was not at all surprised when a book club sprang up this morning!

Bookclub Guide (according to Elijah, 9)
-  Entry costs 5 cents, or buy a 132 day season pass for $1.00 ... bargain!
-  Customers receive a membership card showing their first name, ID number and a tally of attendance.
-  Ages 5 plus are welcome ... children under 5 can come but must be accompanied by someone over 5.
-  You can bring books to read or share.
-  The shop is open when the music is playing (currently playing Jack Johnson Curious George soundtrack)
-  Pram parking and comfortable seating is available.

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