Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tour of our Town - Blog Hop #4

Finally you've arrived at our place!  We've looked forward to meeting each other for so long, and we could just sit and chat with a cup of tea, but why not make the most of being here and see all the sights of our beautiful home town.

Let's make this an unlimited day ... we have BOUNDLESS time, money and energy!

How shall we travel?  How about a cross between a hover-car and a hot air balloon?  Equipped with autopilot or a tour guide, so we can chat or daydream along the way.  Our hot air balloon is efficient, safe and beautiful.  We can enjoy the view as we rise above busy roads and float along effortlessly in between stops.  Settle in, your tour is ready to begin!

Stop 1 - While we're all fresh, let's visit Newcastle Museum.  Although there are excellent exhibits about local history, transport and industry (with a dramatic steelmaking demonstration), the most memorable part for children is usually lifting a car (an entire, real car) in the Supernova Hands-On Science Centre.  The museum is in the beautiful Honeysuckle Precinct on the harbour.

Around the corner is the Maritime Centre.  Can you believe we haven't been there yet?
I can't wait to see  "THEN, NOW AND TOMORROW:  a 300 year snapshot of the Hunter’s waterways and surrounds from the 1800’s to what might be in 2100."

Stop 2 - Take the ferry to Stockton, and we'll fly back over the harbour, past Nobby's headland and beach and along the coast, over King Edward Park to Bar Beach.  We'll do the Newcastle Memorial Walk the have a swim and refreshments at Bar Beach.  At low tide there are lovely rock pools to explore and a sheltered swimming corner.

Stop 3 - Library, Bookshop and Gallery hop - If you're a book-lover, let's cool down and relax at Wallsend Library.  I love the large windows and plentiful reading spots.  A short flight back into town, and we can visit MacLean's Booksellers in Hamilton, along with numerous second-hand bookstores.  Next stop is the Lovett Gallery above the Newcastle Library, then we'll go next-door to the Newcastle Art Gallery.

Stop 4 - Oakvale Farm is our next stop - we'll need half a day or more to enjoy this place, but luckily we don't have to worry about time today!  Once when we visited we were lucky enough to hold little emu chicks ... and there are often baby goats to bottle feed, koala encounters, a reptile show and lots of animals to see as we wander around.  I like the water buffalo, not a creature we encounter around here in ordinary life.  One the way back to town we'll stop at one of the many trampoline parks, so the kids can flip and jump and have a crazy time!

Stop 5 - Remember how we don't have a budget today?  Let's go to Charlestown Square where we can stock up on the bare necessities at the Apple Shop, Australian Geographic, ABC Shop, Typo ... before hunger calls us to Grill'd, which I have heard sells delicious burgers with gluten free options.

Stop 6 - One of the many trampoline parks which have been popping up everywhere, a chance for the kids to burn off some of that limitless energy.  Maybe they can do a Ninja's or Parkour class.  If there's energy to spare, let's go to Speers Point Park, and have a bike ride along the edge of Lake Macquarie.

How do you end a limitless day?  Perhaps we'll buy takeaway dinner from Top Thai in Wallsend or Raj's Corner in Hamilton, and eat in the air on the way to photograph the marvellous sunset over Mount Sugarloaf.  I have to go home, but if you want to continue why not explore Barrington Tops National Park?

It's been a pleasure having you here for a virtual visit!


  1. Sounds fun! We sure have a lot to have a lot to offer in the Hunter. I think I can safely say been there- done that to all those events. And I recommend them all.

    1. We have done most, but have not travelled in a hot air balloon! Wouldn't it be nice to cruise above the traffic?!

  2. Boundless time, energy, and money... what a great way to start a virtual tour. I enjoyed flying around with you!!

    1. Thanks Belinda, I didn't feel like writing seriously this time (and real life limitations are too, you know, limiting). I really enjoyed seeing the landscape where you live ... such a contrast to ours!


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