Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The best of Chrysalis Island

This is my eighth year writing on Chrysalis Island.  Someone recently prompted me to reflect on the journey so far, and it was lovely looking back at my posts from 2009, seeing what my children were up to when they were little, how much has changed and which things have stayed the same.

I thought it would be fun to round up my favourite posts.
I hope some of these are informative or entertaining!

The beginning ...
Our first year homeschooling ... ALL of my posts from 2009!

A day in the life ... (I wish I had written one every year!)
2010 and
a week in our life 2010 

My homeschooled child wants to try school ... 
The discussions
If the shoe fits
The wild ride!

Children learning to read ...
The playful approach we used to support our children in their quest to become readers.
More about play-based learning

Beating the Home-Ed Blues ...
Ironing out the bugs!
Look UP!
10 ways to rescue a rotten day

Homeschooling when someone is sick ... 
The first time I wrote about the roller coaster of mental illness
A collection of tips
Still sick ... finding out why and what to do about it
10 ways to rescue a rotten day

Organising our resources ...
Overcoming perfectionism
Taming the paperwork monster
Weebly website for my children's most used web pages
iPad apps for 8-9 year olds
Plans for 2016

FUN ...
Everything to do with dough and goo

From the Heart ... 
Advice for new homeschoolers
The Heart of a Homeschool Mum (a poem)
My blogging story
My testimony
A few truths about me

I also write at ... 
Freestyle Fun - home ed ideas on Facebook
GLOW heart, mind and soul - inspiration and encouragement
and my page GLOW on Facebook

This post is Part #5 of the Aussie Mums Encouraging Mums blog hop.


  1. What a great idea for a blog post. Might have to pinch it from you some time!! Peter and I were looking back over some photos the other day - much the same idea - and wonder just where the years go! It seems so cliche - but so true. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thanks Belinda! I have really enjoyed the blog hop, many thanks to you and Michelle for hosting it. :)

      I want to sit with the children and read some of the early-days posts with them. I often look for particular posts to help with questions new homeschoolers ask, like iPad app suggestions, home ed when sick, and so on ... this will make it easier for me, and for new readers.


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