Thursday, March 8, 2012

Homeschooling when Mum is sick

I've been sick for a over week, and the little change-of-season cold I thought I had has outstayed it's welcome.  We've done half-days all week.  Just the bare academic essentials.  Each day starts with our Bible study and prayer time;  a few read alouds when my voice is working, or DS7 feels like reading to us;  the kids proud to work independently and earn play money to spend in my Star Snack Shop; lots of play, cubby making and craft.

I thought I was bouncing back, but today my cough is rough, my head is pounding.  Then the guilt and doubts set in about the learning we haven't done this week ... even though I know the kids are doing fine, and I know they constantly learn even without my input.  But the question niggles ... am I doing enough?

The kids are supposed to be benefiting from tailor-made lessons, one on one time and a rich learning environment.  They are itching to get out and play.  With friends.  We had to cancel another play & learn together day at a friend's house.  After a short walk around the block, I wasn't even up to doing the bare minimum.  Instead the kids watched a new DVD (remember good ol' Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote?), played with playdough, messed around outside.  Now over lunch (easy, baked potato wedges) they're watching a phonics DVD.  DD has decided to pause it to copy some sentences, DS has lost interest and is building lego vehicles.

I know I could talk all day about Tidal Homeschooling, the benefits of kids having free time to be kids, opportunities for independence and responsibility, and Natural Learning ... but still I feel inadequate and need a little more reassurance today that I'm not making a big mistake by homeschooling the kids.

Some people homeschool through chronic pain and serious illness ... and this is just a flu or sinus infection.  I'm overreacting, right?

Here are some articles I dug out to help me get some perspective:


Whatever state I am

Busy Mommy Media

Professor Mom

And a story which warmed my heart

There are lots of excellent tips in these pages, and after reading them I feel much more peaceful about this.  I'll continue to do my best, look to the Lord for encouragement and comfort, rest and read, let the kids play and maybe ask them to read me a get-well story.

This is where I'm at today.  I hope it helps someone :)


  1. Awww so sorry Vanessa to hear you are feeling discouraged / were feeling discouraged. I'm glad you were able to find some encouraging things to read:)
    Hang in there, you are a great source of encouragement to the ahs ladies! you will come though this.

  2. Thanks Joyfulmum, and Shaz who replied privately. You're both very kind and encouraging :)

    I didn't mean to sound negative, but I guess I may have come across that way as the positive bits are mostly contained within the links ... I wanted to summarise the best tips from each article, but just ran out of energy. There are a lot of good ideas and perspective-correctors within them. Reminders to trust the Lord and lean on Him, practical tips and fresh ways to look at things.

    All is well, and although I don't blog very often, I hope to write a few posts soon. The ideas are there, just need a few threads to tie them together!

  3. Glad to hear all is well Vanessa:)

  4. It is hard to homeschool when we aren't right. There is a lot of mommy guilt. My shrink told me not to regret these difficult (which for the kids translates as bored/wrestless/benignly neglected ;)) because life is full of these moments. We can't be perfect for our kids and our kids not experiencing perfection is a good thing. It prepares them better for life. I truly believe that. We aren't always the best moms/homeschool parents but we do out best. And they'll will survive. :)


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