Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking forward to ...

SWIMMING a lot ... we bought a half season pass and discovered it lets us in to 5 local pools as often as we like for the next 4 months.  We're all excited.  The kids were trying so hard to pin drop to touch the bottom of the deep end today, but I'm not sure if they did it yet.  Now if the sun will just get up and shine, we'll be set!

READING the Bible ... I'm using this 'read the Bible in a year' plan, for the first time.  I guess I usually read the New Testament several times a year, and favourite other books like Psalms and Esther, but I needed a plan to help me tackle some harder books more systematically.  I like how this plan has a different focus every day of the week.

LEARNING.  We're exploring some interesting topics this year, including A Trip Around the World, the Human Body (various books, activities and models) and Sword Fighting (the scriptural kind) ... and I always love playing with the kids in Maths, Writing, Science and Art!!

READING some wonderful books together.  Little Pilgrim's Progress, The Book of Virtues, and lots of "maybes" which I have to sift through my filter (Philippians 4:8) ... hopefully many beautiful stories, some timed to coincide with studies of particular countries.  Plus the usual stacks of maths, science and history books we always seem to gravitate towards.  These books all add up to lots of snuggle time ... ahhh, bliss :)

FITNESS ... the kids are keen and we parents also want to improve our fitness, so we're on a mission to build up our stamina, fitness and endurance, to prepare for a few family fun runs and bush walks throughout the year.  Hopefully with persistence (and perhaps prayer and antihistamines) my legs will stop becoming so unbearably itchy every time I do more than stroll.  We also intend to play tennis more often (like more than twice a year) and go for family bike rides.  Last week I went canoeing, which was a fun way to start the year!

BUILDING ... lego, meccano, paddle pop sticks, car tracks, Zhu Zhu pet playgrounds, science kits, old fashioned games like marble mazes, balsa wood toys, real furniture.  We're all into it and have many ideas and plans.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS ... repainting, regrouting, replacing some carpet with timber laminate floors, reroofing the cubby house, starting a vegie patch.  I can picture it so well, if only it could be done as easily as dreaming about it, but somehow I think it'll take more than a month to finish :(

THE OLYMPIC GAMES.  I've written them on our calendar, just in case there was a danger of us missing them.  We're pretty excited about watching many of our favourite sports (eg. gymnastics, swimming, diving, equestrian events) and being inspired by Paralympians.

EVENTS and EXCURSIONS ... some are already booked, many more will be added as usual.  This is something I really love about home ed., that we can do so many interesting, educational and fun things on a small budget, with minimal hassle and next to no paperwork.

ART, WORD PLAY & MUSIC ... the tools are there, I just have to set them up and go for it.  I want to paint a canvas or two, perhaps play with some book ideas and re-learn the keyboard.  I can tap out a few tunes (playing by ear) but have forgotten how to read music and play chords.

BLOGGING as a way of making sense and remembering, and in the hope that some of it may be helpful, interesting and encouraging to those who read it.

I hope your year has gotten off to a great start!
What are you looking forward to?


  1. I like the look of that Bible reading plan though I'm not sure I'll attempt it as reading 6 chapters in one day (as it does on some days) is sure to make me fail:(
    Nice to read about your plans / desires for this year.
    We've just gotten back into 'school' this week after a nice break and are really enjoying it!

  2. I also replied on my blog but wanted to thank you again for leaving the comment about kiddo's blog. It will seriously make his day! :)


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