Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lively and Learning

We're out of hibernation.  Hello!!  It sure feels good to see the sun and feel it's warmth, and the air is full of wonderful Spring fragrance and freshness.  Goodbye cold, sick, damp Winter!
Sorry friends who love Winter ... I know it has a good side :)

Anyway, while we were sleeping, a few things happened:

*  We had our registration meeting for Jasmine.  It went well.  The inspector was pretty new to home ed., but very interested and encouraging, and gave lots of positive feedback.  He only saw about 10% of what I could have showed him, and in the final few minutes of his visit he actually got to see the imaginary 6yr old we were discussing!  The little person who had been hiding and scowling and scurrying away when called, finally responded to bribery and upside-down tickles, to show that she does indeed exist and is a perfect specimen of a mischievous, healthy and well-loved child.  Whew!

*  Prior to the meeting, I did my usual voracious reading, curriculum research and intense planning.  Of course it's all theoretical, and subject to change.  But the result is a long term and short term plan I'm very happy with.  It reflects our tidal, eclectic style and my need to be prepared yet flexible.  More on the specifics another day.

*  Learning.  Pretty sporadic and spontaneous, but enough to keep us all happy.  We're loving Real Science 4 Kids, and reading many books for the various parts of HSIE.  Maths and Literacy are going really well ... I'll write a separate post about the resources we're using.

*  Our 'good days' in Winter were mostly spent out with friends, at parks or excursions, or catching up on the never-ending housework.  The 'bad days' weren't so bad, considering we have the freedom to stay home in comfort, snuggle up and read a ton of books together.  Elijah and Jasmine play happily together 95% of the time, so I just let them go with their momentum a lot of days, and enjoy watching the adventures unfold.  It's messy at times, but they're generally helpful enough to more than make up for that.

*  Soccer and gymnastics have been terrific fun.  We're excited that soon it will be warm enough to splash at the beach, surf and swim again.

*  A new neighbourhood 'gaggle of girls' has erupted, and suddenly we have 6 little girls playing on bikes and scooters or in each other's homes, any time any of them are free.  Jasmine is in social heaven, and Elijah pretends to complain sometimes, but always has a lot of fun with them.  Having been a really quiet street, it's been a delightful change!

I have a list of more interesting, catch-up posts to write soon, including features and photos of some special projects.  If you haven't done so yet, please drop in and introduce yourself so I know who I'm writing for :)


  1. lovely to hear from you again Vanessa:) glad your bos visit went well. my dd also hid the whole time though he did 'hear' her playing on her keyboard in her room, phew:)

  2. Yay - lovely to see you out of hibernation!

    That gaggle of girls sounds very cute. We have 4 or 5 9 year old boys in our block so we get that going on too :)

  3. I was just thinking about you and the next day I see a post! Welcome back :) We are dealing with a gaggle of girls right now too. Its much different than all the boy stuff that goes on around here.

  4. Thanks for visiting, it's great to be back on board!

  5. Hi Vanessa, I have tagged you at , please don't feel you have to.


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