Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Overcoming Winteritis

I haven't published a post for ages, nor commented much lately.  Sorry for being distant.  I've been feeling awkward and illiterate.  When I speak or write, often I can't express what I'm thinking.  I'm restless and overwhelmed and uncomfortable and self conscious.  It's just Winteritis again.  It takes all my energy to resist hibernating.  I feel deeply the pain of people close to me who are really hurting at the moment.  I'm sick and cold and tired and sad, and for no good reason ... I have exactly the life I want (minus tropical climate and ocean views), and everything to be glad about!

However, I refuse to let the drop in temperature rob me entirely of my joy!
So, to get the ball rolling again ... some of the wonderful things happening here are:

*  Soccer, Gymnastics, Princess Ballet, Woodwork lessons, Sunday School & lots of play dates and family visits.  A few birthdays and holidays coming up this month, too!

*  A lovely, leisurely book tour using "The Australian Book Traveller".  It's taken us nearly 2 terms just to do 'The Australia Book' and 'Wombat Stew', because we keep adding interesting books, taking time out to follow tangents and research various aspects of Australian geography and wildlife.  We're VERY excited to be moving on to the next stage of the trip this week (partly because the title includes the word 'spear')!

*  Bible stories, Character studies, and a steady stream of books from the library and the postie keep us snuggled up often and give us lots of fresh ideas to think and dream about.

*  I'm getting more organised in the kitchen, putting a weekly menu on the fridge ... stops me worrying about what to cook each day and whether I have the ingredients.  Dinners are planned but flexible, and I write ideas for lunches, snacks and fruit, to remind me what's available.  It also means I shop less often and therefore spend less.  I shop at home first, and use what we have, which means less wastage too.

*  Kids literacy ... both children are taking off and it's so exciting to see!  They're excited too, keen for any hints I can give them, and moving quickly through Reading Eggs.  They're more confidently having a go at slightly more independent writing.  I must tell you about their folders and ladders sometime.

*  I have more peace about the balance of work & leisure, planned & spontaneous, challenging & easy ... and finally a plan I'm happy with for the next year or two in regards to the planned curriculum side of things (always flexible of course, but it is a relief to stop searching for a while).  

*  Pete has built most of the shelves I designed for the dining/ sun/ everything room, and it's immensely satisfying to organise and find homes for our most frequently used resources.  Some smaller units and a desk are still in progress which will bring it all together, and then I have to learn how to paint a kind of lime wash finish.  Photos in a month or two :)

I'm thankful for the safe, peaceful family I've been blessed with.  I'm glad that my peace comes from the Lord, and I'm not at the mercy of my emotions and the troubles and choices of other people.  I'm encouraged by my online friends, many of whom home school, who generously share their ideas and lives, and by doing so provide a lovely, supportive community.

Thanks for sticking by me through my quiet times!


  1. I understand the winteritis!

    Everything sounds like its going along well - I'm glad you're at peace (for a while!) about your schooling plan.

    Looking forward to photos of the shelves.

  2. I can completely understand! Weather in this part of Canada just went from completely wet Spring (very few non gray days) and now into utterly hot summer. I'm finally getting my mojo back too!

  3. Vanessa, I understand:) I sometimes go for ages too...but real life is more important:)
    I smiled when I saw that you make a list of your snacks, fruit etc:) I'd not heard of anyone else that does that lol! I do it for similar reasons - it's easy to forget what's in the pantry / fridge when I'm looking for snacks for the family and it helps wastage and managing our budget:)

  4. I've been "quiet" for a while, too. Just now catching up with all my online friends, and seeing what's been going on. Hang in there. We'll still be here when you're ready to emerge :)


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