Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out of touch

I have been out of touch lately for a few reasons.

Supportive ... of Pete and his family, missing his Dad and learning what life's like without him.  I feel it too, but seem to process emotions in waves.  It seems not real, yet also normal.  The peace of the Lord has helped us all so much.

Sickness interrupted my Spring-cleaning spree ... a rotten sore throat, head, cough, sinus infection, glandular thing.  Mostly Elijah and I, but Jasi has been snuffly and needy too so it's been full on.  I should have been in bed, and have had naps when I could, but have been busy nursing and nurturing.  Happier that way anyway!

Away on holiday ... starting today.  We're getting better, I hope!!!!  We've delayed for a day to try and be germ free and energetic.  So we're hitting the road for the national capital to see the sights, and spend a couple of days playing in snow!

Offline ... our connection is dodgy, dropping in and out.  That's ok because words have been elusive.  I've also been reading some inspiring books, which I'll write about when we get home.  I have written comments for your blogs but don't always get around to posting them because my inner editor is speaking too loudly and needs a tune up!!  Just know I care.

So ... I'm going to hit "publish" now, pack a few more things and head off into a fun family adventure.  See you when we return!


  1. We've obviously been running parallel lives for the first two... {{HUGS}}

    Enjoy your holiday - we're hoping to get away for a few days soon too.

  2. Hope it's a great holiday, and helps towards healing. Thanks for the update :)


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