Thursday, September 2, 2010

50 word challenge

We have an education savings plan with ASG , and were invited to complete a quick survey then enter a competition to win an iPad.  The challenge was:

How do you keep your child engaged in learning (in fifty words or less)?   
Prizes are awarded for the most interesting, original or thought-provoking entries.

We were allowed to submit one entry per child.  Here are my 50 words per child:

Our son is home educated using diverse approaches tailored to his learning style, abilities, strengths and passions.  He is building a strong foundation for lifelong learning through meaningful work, conversations, mentors and inspiring experiences.  We actively pursue educational enrichment opportunities within the local home education network, community and the internet.

Miss 5 is learning and thriving in a loving, delight-driven, resource-rich home school.  Like a seedling she is intrinsically driven to learn and grow … her slender stalk reaches skyward toward opportunities, branches explore dreams, leaves absorb inspiration as roots sink deeper to face the challenges our precious flower seeks.  

I found it a fun writing exercise, even if my simile lead me down the garden path!

How would you answer the question?

Please post your response in my comments ... I can't promise an iPad, but would love to hear your thoughts.

:)  Vanessa

P.S. I hope I'm not breaching any copyright rules by sharing the great question ASG posed ... and it's free publicity for them.  It's a great way to be prepared, if you think your children might go on to tertiary studies, and the younger they are when you sign up the greater the long term benefits.  
P.P.S. I'm not commissioned to say this!


  1. I tried to think of how to put my thoughts in a neat '50 words or less' but the more I thought about it the more the question puzzled me. Children intrinsically want to learn, I don't have to do much to make them 'engage' in something that is a developmental urge. But I think your answers will more likely win the iPad!!!!

  2. I agree Jeddah, it made me laugh when I first read it, such a silly question from a home-ed perspective! I thought at least my answer might differ from the predominantly mainstream responses they'll most likely get. Whether 'different' will win, only time will tell.


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