Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas greetings

This year my clever Mum made a beautiful advent calendar for us.  It's a quilted wall hanging, over a metre tall, and is so lovely!  Each pocket contains 2 treasures, such as ornaments, stickers, chocolate or candy canes.  The children take turns unbuttoning a pocket each day.  Each button is special too, I love the details.  Elijah opens the even numbers (as he's 6), Jasi the odds (as she's 5).

Don't get me started on all the maths the children have done with this calendar, just as they chat ... it's brilliant!

We will be away on and off for the next few weeks.  We'll have Christmas morning at home, just us four.  Lunch with Pete's huge family, afternoon and dinner at Mum's with our growing family, then traveling early on Boxing Day, stopping for lunch with my Dad, E. (his wife), Popo (E.'s mum) & my Nanna (the kids call her Oma) on our way south.  Nanna will be giving the children custom made clogs, to paint and enjoy their Dutch heritage.  I'll post some pics when we decorate them.

We're very excited about Christmas camp, where we'll feast on fellowship, daily prayer meetings, a study of Hebrews 6, hear lots of testimonies of what the Lord has been doing in people's lives.  I guess we'll also enjoy the catered meals, living in a bunk cabin, watching the kids play freely with their friends, and walking down to the beach each day.  It's a hard life!

So far, we're half packed.  I've borrowed a stack of audio books from the library, to help the time in the car pass peacefully and pleasurably.  The kids will also each receive a new CD before the trip, to add to the music collection.  I can't wait to get going and start listening!!

Pete starts his holidays tomorrow afternoon, and I will take a break from the computer whilst he's with us (for three weeks, hooray!!)  Well, I might drop in occasionally.

Wishing you all ....

*  A delightful Christmas, hopefully spent with the people you love.
*  Safe travels ... and for some lucky stars, happy cruising and flying!!
*  A very happy, healthy, fun year in 2011.  



  1. Have a wonderful Xmas and holidays. See you in 2011!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays with your hubby and family. Your church camp sounds great too!

  3. Your plans sound terrific. I want to go to Christmas camp! Hope you have a wonderful time.

    Merry Christmas!


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