Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Update

On my writing blog, Ink Island, is a summary of some things which have been keeping my mind and pen busy lately.

Aside from that, I've been drafting some posts about our home ed. plans and possibilities, and the resources I've chosen for various subjects next year (never 100% sure though, as things change).  They'll be ready to share soon.  This has taken an inordinate amount of time!!  I think I've read a billion reviews and samples, and have scribbled a notepad full of comparisons, pros and cons, and combinations which 'might' work really well for us.

It's quite a challenge at the moment to even attempt to record what our days and weeks have been like ... a fizz-whizzing hazy blur ... but here's a bit of the puzzle ...

*  we're loving the warmer weather, with swimming lessons and boogie boarding at the beach

*  my health is still up and down, but may all be linked to my thyroid (early results point to Hashimoto's Disease) , food allergies/ intolerances and perhaps PCOS ... more tests ahead yet, but then again, I could just be healed by the Lord at any time :)

*  the children are delightful, always industriously playing, talking, singing, making music or running riot, challenging me in new ways every day

*  we are doing 'school' work for an hour or two a few times a week.  Of course plenty of natural learning too, which always excites me to see, but I'm more comfortable when we combine it with purposeful, deliberate lessons ... it's all about attitude, timing, priorities, mutual respect and learning styles

*  this weekend we're going up the coast to support an outreach (and stay in a resort) ... and our Christmas camp (also with church) is coming up so fast I feel I should soon start packing.

That's part of my recent history ... please drop me a hello if you're still around and forgive my infrequent web presence!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend away! Hope the weather is kind to you :)


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