Sunday, August 22, 2010

You've got mail!

Hi everyone,

I'm writing you a letter this morning, just for a change.  First of all I wanted to say thanks for all of your comments, and for sharing your time and thoughts with me.  Sorry I don't always leave comments on your blogs ... even if I want to sometimes I just can't put thoughts into words in the time I have.

Chrysalis Island is a bit eclectic, like everything I do, and is about more than homeschooling, though home schooling does absorb a lot of my time, energy and is a veritable playground of discovery, challenge, inspiration and creativity.  On here, I try to usually write something which neatly fits into a box or answers a specific question or explore a certain topic.  This is a messier post ...

I had good intentions to write helpful, practical home ed posts recently, and whilst I could (since I live it and have many ideas I'd love to share), I also couldn't because I might write too much (and you'd fall asleep mid sentence) or too little (and it would be nothing new) or somewhere in between ... besides, every day shines a new light on things, and how do you paint when the colours are always changing?

Lately I've been scatter-brained, forgetful, daydreaming, preoccupied, off with the fairies ... the other day I tried to phrase it nicely ... so perhaps I'm an absent minded professor.  Now that sounds fun!  Never mind that I'm not actually a genius, I can still have the eccentric trait, right?  An acceptable way to excuse my shortcomings?  I do wish I could be more realistic at times, instead of idealistic and vague.

Some of the tangents I've been on lately include brain teaser and IQ websites, the theory and practicality of gifted education, science, especially chemistry, Sunday school coordinating and as always, reading a variety of thought-provoking books.  I'm also studying what the Bible says about thinking, to try and resolve a few philosophical questions I've been wrestling with.  It's helping put a lot of recent challenges into clearer perspective.  But I still feel like I need a few days of strenuous bushwalking to force me to focus on reality and practicality!

I've been thinking about why I don't write more on my blog.  I have plenty more to write about than actually makes it to the page.  Some of it would probably interest, help or inspire some people.  So what holds me back from writing more?

  • I tend to avoid controversy and conflict ... on the other hand a lot can be learned from diversity and debate.  I hesitate to write about 'loaded' topics for fear of seeming too introspective, intellectual or opinionated, yet these are also the ones which I question, most want to understand and would welcome debate about.  So I might get there yet!
  • Deciding what to share here, and what is better kept in a private journal.  Will my children be upset with me for sharing their trials, triumphs and quirks?  Online is fun and convenient, but if in doubt, I'll leave it out.
  • Every topic is so wide and deep that it's hard to declare anything 'ready to publish'.  'Finished' is an arbitrary, subjective word.  Not that it matters anyway!!
  • Trying to protect the 'precious present ' from slipping away while my mind is occupied writing.  The average post takes me 1-2 hours to write and rewrite, and whilst I want to write, I don't want to rob my family of time.
  • Self-doubt ... if I can't write confidently for a diverse audience of 13 (subscribers I know of), how will I ever finish any particular book for a potentially much wider audience?!

Anyway, what do you think about this blog?  I originally started it as my thinking space, but have used it mostly for home ed. related subjects.  I have just started Ink Island to blog about my writing hobby.  Should I further separate my home ed entries from my other thoughts, or keep Chrysalis Island as is, complete with these sometimes diverse musings?

I look forward to hearing what you think.  Either way, I'm just me and I'm glad to know you!

Best wishes,


  1. I'd say keep it as it is, unless you really feel like a change - I always enjoy your posts!

  2. Thanks, I always appreciate your comments and enjoy reading your blog (and I'm sure you must have shares in a flour and food colouring company, with all the baking you do!)

  3. I completely understand your reasons for not posting more - and tend to suffer from the same issues at times. I say keep the blog eclectic :)


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