Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glorious rainy days

I meant to jot a quick comment in response to Renelle's lovely Wet, Wet, Wet post and got totally carried away, so thought it'd be better to share here instead.  

We live in the same region as Renelle, and have enjoyed the recent rain too ...

Across the road from us is a bush reserve. We went over to play on the grassy footpath when the sun came out one afternoon (since the creek, normally a dry ditch, is too full to cross into the bush itself). Elijah delighted in riding his bike back and forth in the mud, slipping about in the boggiest bits. Jasmine enjoyed squelching and sliding in the mud with almost-bare feet. A warm bubble bath followed, of course!

Another day they played for a wonderful hour in the backyard, in the pouring rain, on their swings and dinkies ... without raincoats which were snug and dry in the car, which Dad had at work! Jasi and Elijah's favourite discovery after rain is always is a bucket (or dump truck) full of rainwater. These become the basis of many of their favourite backyard recipes (just add fern leaves, bark, a sprinkling of gravel, and unfortunately once, several handfuls of clean tissues).

And I mustn't leave out a very brave under 6's soccer game, played in freezing rain a couple of weeks ago. We arrived early to have the team photo taken (in the rain), then waited around under the clubhouse awning. We really expected an announcement that all games were cancelled. But no, the game must go on! So we set up and waited for a team to play against. I guess most people assumed it would be cancelled, but enough kids turned up to play, even if we did swap players to make up numbers (4 a side). The game was slightly chaotic (with kids running off if the ball hit them, which REALLY hurts when you're cold). The teams were well-matched, and a few goals were actually kicked. We were wet and freezing, but smiling, and proud of our muddy little boys.  

Yep, kids know how to make the most of rainy days!

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  1. When do we lose that ability to have fun in the rain? Its really hard to switch back and remember that, yes, camping or playing in the rain used to be fun!


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