Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A relaxing home day

The kids just cruised along today, a nice break from their crazy running around lately! 

Here's what we did today:

Bindi the Jungle Girl was a highlight of the morning shows on ABC.  They also watched The Jetsons on video. 
I drew a timeline to answer Mr 5's questions (eg. Have you lived in this house forever?  Were Grandma and Grandpa born during the war?  Did they see bombs drop?)  

We finished sorting out half of the children's books, a 2 day project (yesterday they set them up all over the dining room in a bookshop first, then a library).  

Walked to a grassy spot around the corner and played frisbee ... only saw one neighbour on the walk home, so we stopped to chat while she pulled weeds from someone else's front-yard vege patch (what a sweetie).  

The kids spent an hour or two on the computer doing Reading Eggs.  They helped with each other's lessons (cooperation, cool!) and played a few games. 

The usual playing on swings, water games and cubby house out the back.

Cricket in the garage and packing for tomorrows natural learners picnic, and our holiday which starts the next day.

P. and I cooked minestrone for the first time.  Yum!

Miss 4 sang us several stories, made up as she went, using picture books as pretend song books.  

Delightful and relaxed!


  1. Sounds nice! I hope you've found somewhere to stay for your holiday. Enjoy it!

  2. Thanks. We're going to Happy Hallidays which looks like kids paradise! Will rave about it (I hope) when we get home.

    Loved the natural learners picnic yesterday! If only everyone who wasn't there knew how 'normal' (in it's many forms) we all are. The kids are the coolest (relaxed, confident, helpful, friendly, polite ...).

    Now for four days away from the computer ... think I can handle it : )


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