Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change of pace

The public school holidays coincided with our readiness for a break from routine, so I told the kids we were having a few weeks break.  Since we were already floating along at low tide, it wasn't a huge change, but we've taken the opportunity to be more spontaneous. 

 Some of the highlights of the past two weeks have been:

*  First time for both kids jumping on bungee trampolines
*  First camel and pony rides
*  First ferry ride to visit Grandparents in Stockton
*  Buying an almost new RAV4, our ticket to adventure
*  Playing in the kids pool at Merewether Baths
*  Fun at Nanna's house with little friends
*  Putt putt golf church activity
*  Trekking up the huge sand dunes at Birubi Beach
*  Paddling in the shallows at Boat Harbour
*  Swinging for hours and playing totem tennis

In between playing chauffeur, referee, chef and housemaid, I've managed to do some sorting of all our school resources (a huge task).  I've made a few changes in the sunroom (aka dining room) to better accommodate our 'school stuff'.  And I have enjoyed plenty of reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle and a new brain trainer puzzle book.

We're so tired from our holiday adventures, that I declared yesterday a pupil free day, and sent the kids out to play!  We spent an hour on ABC Reading Eggs in the afternoon, trying out some new features which are fun.

We're diving back in today.  So far I've only managed to vacuum, wash up and deal with tantrums.  I'm tempted to take stress leave, but today's plans are too much fun to abandon ... start a papier mache project (a battlefield for DS5, a fairy garden for DD4), write a story together, and listen to a CD called 'Say hello to the Orchestra'.  Here goes!

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  1. You've had a busy couple of weeks! Enjoy the papier mache - I find it strangely soothing :)


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